Friday, 29 July 2016

DAY FIVE - Oats Pancakes (Only five Ingredients)

Happy Friday!

The week is almost finished and today I was thinking on breakfast… Breakfast time, the best meal of the day. Normally many of us ignore how important it is to start with our days. Most of the times, going to work, the school, the kids, the dog or any other thing, let us without time to sit in peace and eat something nice, is even common that the only days of the weeks that the family sit together to have breakfast is on the weekends, but there’s many quick and easy options that I have been discovering through this week, as I’m a person that hates to eat every day the same.

For me the food is all about variation, I think very badly that it's not healthy for your psyche to get used to the same cereal with milk every morning. That’s why today I will use this post to share some ridiculously easy and delicious ideas to have a nice breakfast in any situation and of course, I will give you the recipe for these Pancakes made with only five ingredients that will blow your kitchen up with the sweetest smell. I topped them with this non sugared raspberry jam and a spoon of cream cheese for a little indulgence. I also made them in as crepes by adding a little bit more milk** and served them with fresh Strawberries and Honey.

Here is a list of the nicest breakfast that I had this week:

  • Apple and Banana Slices with Peanut butter and Chocolate Chips. It’s simple, delicious and the kids also love it!
  • Greek yogurt topped with a few spoons of the Crust from my Cherry Crumble and some Frozen Blueberries. (I made the Crust apart and stored in an airtight container as I mentioned in the post, it was the best idea I ever had)
  • Poached eggs with ham and avocado. If you are a more salty kind of person, this is your kind of deal.
  • Bush-berries and Cucumber Smoothie with Muesli. Fresh and crunchy, it will bring some fiber to make that belly work it out!
  • Veggies and Cheese Omelet. Keep bringing proteins to your life with this one.
  • Tuna salad Lettuce roll ups. I proved that Lettuce doesn’t have anything to envy to a piece of bread, it’s great!
  • Gaby’s Oats Shake (straight from my mom’s imaginary recipe index). Make it in the blender with Ice, ¾ c Oats, 1 c Milk, 1 tbsp. Vanilla extract and 2 tbsp. Honey. Yummi!

All these options will bring you back on trail only by adding some good stuff to your mornings. Give them a try and if you even have a little bit more time, you always can add 30 minutes of work out before the breakfast so you burn the bad and bring the Godies on!

Now, back to the Pancakes, make them for breakfast or for lunch, you won’t ever notice that some common things are not in there ;-). I like to spice my pancakes a little bit always with some Nut Muscade and Cinnamon but you can just leave them on the basic version. The only thing I will beg you, please don’t forget the pinch of salt! It’s the only thing that never can change, in the sweet universe you are always going to need a balance, acid, salty, crunchy… And this bit of salt might be a Pinch Salt for the pancakes but a Big difference on flavor for the Desserts of the World. (Sorry I couldn’t help the joke xD)

Let’s get the Pancakes Party started!

DAY FIVE - Oats Pancakes.
(5 Small Pancakes or 5 Crepes)


1 c Milk**
1 ½ c Oats
1 tbsp. Honey
1 tbsp. Vanilla Extract
1 Egg

Pinch of salt

Optional Additations

1 tbsp. Sesame Seeds
Pinch of Cinnamon
Pinch of Nut Muscade.


Add all the ingredients to the blender and blend until the oats its fine and the mix is homogeneous.

In a Pancake pan (preferably) preheated on medium temperature and oiled with canola oil, pour the mix in (portions and let it set until the surface has little bubbles).

Flip the Pancake and let it toast for a few seconds, then take it to a plate. Repeat the process until the mix is over.

Raspberry Jam


1 c Frozen Raspberries
¼ c Water
2 tbsp. Honey
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract


Add the raspberries and the water to a pan and heat it to medium high temperature until the juice came out and started bubbling.

Break the structure of the fruit with a fork and let it bubble for around one minute to reduce the juices but not too long.

Turn the heat off and add the honey and the vanilla. Mix well together and it’s ready to pour over the pancakes or in a very clean glass jar to be eaten later.

**If you are going for the crepes, light up the mix with ½ c more of milk. Then make sure you spread it in the pan at the moment of cooking to make it be thinner.


  1. Hola Patricia!

    Sencillamente geniales!
    No conocía tu blog, está chévere. Me encanta la manera en que escribes.

    Me quedo un rato por aquí a ver que otra cosita consigo.
    Gracias de nuevo!

    1. Hola Maru! si, seguro no lo conocias porque tengo pocos meses montandolo. Ojo, no todo es Low Carb! Era solo un experimento y una ayudita para entrar en ese traje de baño ;) Gracias por darte una pasadita!

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