Monday, 25 July 2016

Seven Days Dessert Challenge - Low Carb, Low Sugar, Low Fat...

Hi there everyone!

I have been absent a little while but now I’m SO back and loaded for sure! The reason I haven't write anything is mainly because the kitties are in holidays as you would know and I really need to be up to everything to keep them busy and happy… I also have been researching a lot about so many things for this blog and recently without expecting I discovered a whole new world to jump into and I’m pretty excited about sharing it with you.

Handling a brand new blog is not such a simple thing, I surely thought it would take me much less time to produce it all myself but here we are, going for it! Something is true, I don’t like to leave things semi done, if i really want this I will take it seriously! Through the past weeks I have been almost to the top with “if you write a post with 1000 words is good for this but if you do it with 600 is good for that…” followed by some of “to get more Instagram followers you have to do this, make it look like that” and pinched with a little bit of “this recipe has to be photographed like this but if you don’t have natural light, you have to do it from that angle over there”...

Fruits salad For a hot day with Kiwi, Melon and Frozen Berries

Sometimes I feel my mind blows off in between new ways to promote this and new recipes that come to my mind, and I just archive all the things that I actually want to write for another day, and another day and keep going. Meanwhile my life also keeps going with the flow to start over every morning without realizing that the time is passing by and that soon me and my family have planned to take our annual holidays in which ones we are going to travel to Spain. Yes Spain, the capital of the bath suits in Europe, the beach, the sun and the heat, did I say the heat?. So everyone will be dressed up lightly to say it that way.

I was thinking on my holiday life in the beach with the sand and the palm trees around me when suddenly I stopped. Oh my God! This is my first winter ever and the Summer clothes reveals that my body is not the same as the one I brought from Venezuela. No, no, no Sr.! I took at least 6 kg in my first 6 months in Belgium. I definitely need to do something about it! So I started looking up, how to lose weight in the shorter time and I found so many Ideas, from food to exercises, passing by the weirdest of the body wraps… And yeeeees, I know this is not a fitness blog but then we come to what I wanted to talk about, and noooo, I am not talking about wrapping meat in a Mexican tortilla!.

One of the things that called my attention the most was a challenge which tries to take you away from the most common unhealthy meals, as bring you closer to good habits. But wait a minute, hat means not bread at all, I mean AT ALL? Well, it doesn’t really sound so impossible when you see this on Pinterest…

Taken from Pinterest during the search 'Weight Loosing Challenge'

But next morning when I decide myself to start, I realize that I don’t have a gram of an idea of what to eat beside of bread or anything flour-less beside of oatmeal or rabbit food. How is this possible? What do I suppose to eat now? I already had a touch of this experience with a few friends that commented me that their sons were allergic to flour, milk, eggs, soybeans, pork, (why do I keep mentioning, they allergic to everything, I honestly don’t know what those kids eat!) so I proposed myself to find out about it a little bit to help them with some ideas of recipes for nice desserts that they could enjoy but the idea wasn’t strong enough for me and even when I did find some handy information about it, I didn’t get to do a real Research with ‘R’ for the cause.

This was my first meal, it was DELICIOUS! but I didn't have idea of what else could I come out with...

I have to say that after having pass my first day hungry as hell and about to freak out by thinking on my breakfast the next morning, I did get the strength to look well and learn as much as I could about this kind of life. For me, it can be always a choice of ingredients to substitute as I don’t have any condition or disease, so I decided that in the most of the recipes I would just look for low carb recipes, low fat, low sugar and low everything that could be stored in my bum… But full with vitamins, full with favor, and full with proteins and fiber. Sounds good, right?

My first Smoothie (Berries and Cucumber Smoothie)

The research has been successful and I gain something that I wasn’t expecting at all, I got so excited about this subject that I have been thinking on my own recipes, I realized that I created a few ones in the past without even thinking on this and better, I want to scream to the world what I have been learning. So compensating for being away so long and running with the idea of the ‘7 days Challenge’, I will post a recipe every day where you can be free of guilty, full of energy and closer to a nice beach body to show off this Summer. Don’t miss it out. Let’s do this!

DAY ONE - Morning Detox Tea

Morning Detox Tea

For the day one I want to go start for the basic, adding a boost of Detox ingredients to our mornings that will help us to get over any toxins that could be ruining our Summer happiness. This is a very good Detox Tea that you can make totally from scratch and that will vitalize your whole day at the same time that taste very nice.


1 c Warm Water
1 tbsp. Honey
1 Tbsp. Grated Ginger
1 Bag of Green Tea
A pinch of Cinnamon
Juice from half a Lemon
A few mint leaves


There’s not ‘Procedure for this’. Feel free to combine everything together, only make sure that you leave it rest for a minute for the ingredients to release their substance in the water.

Drink it every morning when your belly is still empty. It cleans you up and boost your metabolism, it’s great!

Tomorrow I’ll show you more about this kind of diet and some Low Carb ideas...

Summer Vibes!


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